My umbrella

Walking in the rain today, my umbrella covering me to keep me dry, I found myself looking around at all the people who did not have an umbrella.  Even though they were getting wet in the rain, they did not seem to be bothered by it at all.  This got me thinking about my covering from the Holy Spirit, the One who protects me and guides me through each and every event in my life, good or bad.  Many people go through life without Him to guide them and yet they are oblivious to how much better life could be if they knew Him.

Walking under the protection of my umbrella is a much better place to be than out in the open, in the rain, exposed and vulnerable, and wet!  Just like walking under the protection of the Holy Spirit is a much better place than being lost in the world of sin, floundering around to find my way on my own, vulnerable to the evil around me, lonely and lost.

How I thank God that Jesus sent His Spirit to dwell in me, guide me and protect me, lead me in the best way to go.  I’ve heard it said that we don’t know what we don’t know, but when we DO know, what a difference it can make.

I thank You God that I can know You, that Jesus is Lord of my life, and that the Holy Spirit takes control and leads me each and every day.  Sometimes I still try to go my own way, but You are so patient with me and You always guide me back when I stray.

Thank you Lord for my umbrella that covers me and keeps me dry in the rain.  Thank you for Your Holy Spirit whose love and protection covers me and keeps me safe in the dangerous world of sin.  I pray the person reading this blog post will know You too and the Holy Spirit will fill them and guide them.

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