Do You Need to be Right?

God has been teaching me how to better deal with conflict, at home, at work, even while resting, and especially with difficult people.  I was reading an article by Lisa TerKeurst where she makes the statement, “Am I trying to prove or improve? In other words, is my desire in this conflict to prove that I am right or to improve the relationship at hand?

Boy, that really puts it in perspective for me.  So often we are so concerned with the fact that we feel we are right, we lose sight of the value of the other person we find ourselves in conflict with.  I especially find it most difficult when I feel so certain that I really AM right and yet the other person remains unwilling to budge.  I have really had to work at leaning on the Holy Spirit to help me simply shut up!

I have learned that sometimes it is better to simply be quiet, let the subject rest and trust the Holy Spirit to move on the other person’s heart.  Along the way, however, I have often been surprised at the way He has moved on my own heart as well!!

God has taught me that I don’t always need to be right.  I don’t always need to strive to make my point known.  I don’t always need to speak.  Sometimes I just need to allow Him to move in my life situation and help me improve the relationship instead.

To God be the Glory!


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