Feeling Deceived

No!  It cannot be!  Tell me it isn’t so!!

That’s how I felt the day my brother spilled the beans and told me there really wasn’t a Santa Claus!

How can it be?  You mean Mom and Dad lied to me?  You mean they told me this jolly guy in a red suit was not the one to bring me gifts?

I was devastated, and I felt deceived.

So why is it that we tell our young children of a jolly old man in a big red suit bringing them presents each Christmas when it isn’t true?  Because it makes them happy, right?  Because it brings some magic to the season, right?  Because it gives them something to look forward to with great anticipation, yes?

Well, when my children were growing up my husband and I decided to forego the whole idea of Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and the like.  Call me a mean momma if you want, but I just felt that it was important to teach my children truth and nothing but truth.  I didn’t want them to one day be told that their fondest memory was nothing more than a fake and an outright lie.

Anyone else ever felt this way about Santa Claus?  Now sure, the myth certainly is a fun idea, but what about truth?  Doesn’t truth outweigh fun?  I think God wants us to have fun, but I think He puts a higher value on us being truthful than enjoying ourselves with something we consider fun.

Just some of my thoughts.  Not really that spiritual, not judgmental of anyone, just my thoughts.  Anyone want to comment?

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