Growing Pains

How many times have you found yourself thinking, “Not again!  Why must I go through this again, Lord?  When will I finally learn this lesson?”

Isn’t it frustrating to find yourself facing the same battle you thought you won the last time it reared its ugly head?  Surely I’ve got this, THIS TIME!!  But then, it happens again.  You lose your temper.  You shout at your spouse or your child.  You spill that same glass the same way you spilled it the last time.  Didn’t I learn to move it out of the way yet?

Thank God He is patient with us.  Thank God He sees the bigger picture of our life.  Thank God that these things that continue to haunt us are really insignificant in light of eternity.  Thank God there is forgiveness, as many times as we need it.

Thank God!

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