The day after

While praying this morning for a family who recently lost a loved one, having gone through the funeral services just yesterday, I was reminded of how difficult the day after was for me.  When my husband’s funeral services were over, the friends and family were gone, I was left alone with my children at home, facing an uncertain future and feeling the sting of reality.

Then I remembered Patti.  While the rest of my husband’s siblings were gathering at my in-laws, I was feeling rather down, depleted, and unable to bring myself to drive over there to join them.  Patti was the one who was sensitive to my needs, calling and coming over to spend some time with my children and me. I praise God for Patti and the way God used her to minister to me that day after.

Do you know someone mouring the loss of a loved one?  Have you recently attended a funeral service?  Remember that person on the day after because it just might be their most difficult day.  They might need for you to be their Patti, the one to comfort them, encourage them, love on them, and remind them of God’s love.

Bless you my friend.  May you have a day filled with the power and love of Jesus!

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