Why Dad? How Dad? Where Dad?

Questions, questions, questions.  That’s how I learned from my dad; I would ask questions.

I loved helping my dad work.  As a young girl, I remember helping my dad build our screened-in back porch.  My older brothers were nowhere to be found, not at all interested in helping Dad, but I was there, intrigued by how and why Dad was doing what he was doing.

Hold this for me right here.  Hand me that hammer please.  Why Dad, why?  What is the purpose of this piece Dad?  Why do you do it that way Dad?

Isn’t it that way with our heavenly Father too?  He gives us His word so we can know Him, but we must seek and ask, read and apply, desire to know more.

Why Father, why?  Why did you let my baby be born a stillborn?  Why, Father, why?  Why did you call my husband home at such a young age, leaving me to raise three children without him?  Why, Father, why?  Why did you wait so long to send me another husband?

God in His goodness knows all things and works them all together for our good if we trust Him, seek Him, follow Him.  Everything is for His glory but also for our good, even when we don’t understand.  We will understand when we are finally with Him, spending eternity in His everlasting arms.  Praise Him!!

Are you ready?  Do you know Him?  Do you trust Him?  Do you seek Him?  Do you follow Him?  You can trust Him TODAY!

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