Words of Wisdom from Pastor Steve Harvell

Heard a great word at Love of Christ Church today.  The message by Pastor Steve was titled, “The Bible is Final Authority.”  Very relevant information.  The quotes that struck me the most are:

  • It doesn’t matter what I think; it matters what God says.
  • Love for God is obeying His commands.
  • It doesn’t matter what I feel; it matters what God says.

The Bible IS our Final Authority.  It truly does answer our every question about how to live our life.  If we say we love God but do not read and study His word and apply it to our lives, we are actually in rebellion to Him.  As Pastor Steve says, “If you don’t obey, you’re not a follower.”

We are only kidding ourselves if we think we are following Jesus but not obeying His word.  And we must read and study His word to know it and obey it.  We also must obey ALL of it, not just pick out the things we like and ignore the others.  That is not obedience.  Obedience is obeying ALL God’s commands.

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