She’s a Good Person!!

She’s surely going to heaven because she’s a good person!

Conversation with a friend led to this statement, and this friend was so certain her loved one would surely be accepted into Heaven because of this.

Wow!  That would be great if all we had to do was be a good person to get to Heaven, wouldn’t it?

But, if that were true, why did Jesus suffer such a cruel death on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins?  If we can get into Heaven just by being good, then His death was useless, in vain, meaningless.

Think about it.  God sent His one and only Son, the sacrificial lamb who took away all the sins of the world!  John 3:16 says that God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Jesus said in John 14:6, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Continue reading

Daniel 4

Have you ever read the book of Daniel in the Bible?  This is a very interesting account in Chapter 4 of the King’s dream and God’s fulfillment of its meaning.  It was a warning to King Nebuchadnezzar but he failed to heed that warning and so it came to pass in his life.

I love this story about King Nebuchadnezzar because it shows not only God’s judgement & wrath toward someone who blatantly refuses to acknowledge Him and instead exalts himself, but it also shows God’s mercy and love when that person repents and gives God the praise and worship due His name.

Be careful my Internet friend if you are rejecting God.  Take heed to this story of a king who was humbled by God and everything he exalted about himself was taken away.  BUT, be encouraged that repentance leads to forgiveness and restoration.  Praise God, live for Him.  He will lift you up and restore to you all that has been lost or taken away.

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Being the Right Person

I’ve heard it said that marriage is not so much about finding the right person but being the right person.  I found this statement quite thought-provoking.

I’ve also heard it said that marriage is not a 50-50 relationship but instead 100-100, one in which each partner is giving 100% effort.

God ordained marriage, and God created relationships, and I do believe that God wants us to give 100% to everything we do.

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Isaiah 53

I’ve been spending time lately journaling things the Holy Spirit speaks to me as I read the Bible.  I would like to share what I’ve written from Isaiah 53.  I hope it will bless you.  I would love for you to comment and share whatever God speaks to your heart too!

Isaiah 53 is the book in the Old Testament that speaks of Jesus.  Many Jews have been puzzled by these scriptures through the years because they did not recognize Jesus as their Messiah.

  1. a tender shoot, a root out of dry ground, no beauty or majesty, despised & rejected by men, a man of sorrows, suffering
  2. he took up our infirmities, carried our sorrows, stricken & smitten by God, afflicted (with our sorrows), pierced for OUR transgressions (everything we’ve ever done), crushed for our iniquities (he took it all upon himself)
  3. punishment to Him=peace for us
  4. Our wayward ways (iniquities) were all placed on Jesus!!
  5. oppressed & afflicted
  6. taken as a lamb to the slaughter (silent, said nothing)
  7. He was oppressed & judged, stricken
  8. It was God’s will to crush him & cause him to suffer
  9. He bore the sins of many & made intercession for the transgressors

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Sing to the Lord a New Song

So, here we are in 2017. Are we ready to embrace a new year, possibly one of change? Are we willing to boldly forge ahead in whatever areas God leads us?

I don’t know about you but fear of the unknown can be enough to stop me dead in my tracks.  Today I’m finding encouragement from portions of Psalm 116 and 118.  Won’t you join me in reflecting on these verses?

I love the Lord, because He has heard my voice and my supplications.  Psalm 116:1  Isn’t it comforting to know that God hears us?  He cares about what matters to us!

Therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live.  Psalm 116:2 ~  As long as I live!!  Whether that time be long or short, I know I need to call upon Him, trust Him, and follow Him all my days! Continue reading

Making an Impact on Those You May Never Meet

Do you ever wonder if the things you do or say in life have any impact beyond the moment, the one person?  Have you ever wondered if you could possibly have an impact on someone you may never meet?

I came across an email I had saved a couple years ago, thinking I would one day compose a blog post about the topic, but I could never say it any better than “Sometimes we think our part in God’s story doesn’t matter. But, it does because we all affect others, often without realizing it. Check out this short video about how you are making an impact on people you have never even met.”

So keep living for Jesus my friend!  You never know what impact you might have!

Are You Allowing Grief to Cloud Your Thinking?

It was early in the morning.  They were traveling along the road, probably looking down at their feet as they walked.  Sad, sorrowful, mourning.  Why, why, why did this happen?  Where is Jesus?  What are we going to do now?

Grief…Overwhelming Sorrow…Sadness…Heartbreak..

Been there, done that!

I remember the day I faced a future without my husband after he lost his battle with cancer.  Oh how I rejoiced that his suffering and pain had ended and that he was now in the presence of Jesus….BUT….how was I to go on raising three young children without him?  What was I going to do now?  In the midst of my grief, all I could do was cling to Jesus!  I could not see or think beyond the moment.  Grief was certainly clouding my thinking. Continue reading

You are His Glory

Jesus said in John 17:1, “Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you.”

Did you realize that we are His glory?  As I was reading this passage of scripture, it struck me that Jesus was referring to those who believe in and follow Him as the object of His glory.  Why, you might ask?

Jesus’ entire purpose of coming into this world was to redeem us from the curse of our sins.  He showed us the way to eternal life through faith and trust in Him and in what He did on the cross.  John 17:9 says, “I pray for them.  (that’s the ones who believe in Him)  I am not praying for the world (that would be those who have rejected Jesus), but for those you have given me.

Do you understand when Jesus says “the ones you have given me” he is referring to those who love him, that God the Father has put them in Jesus’ care.  God the Father has given us to Jesus according to our faith in Him. Continue reading

It’s Just NOT MY DAY!!

Driving in to work one day recently, I heard Jamie Grace talking on the radio station about what prompted her to write the song “Beautiful Day” and it really struck me as profound.  She said whenever she would say something like, “It’s just not my day!”, her dad would respond, “No it’s not your day.  This is the day the Lord has made, so let us rejoice in it!”

Isn’t that a wonderful perspective on our Awesome God!!  Every day was created just for us by our loving Heavenly Father, and we can rejoice in it even if things are not “going our way” as we would like them to.


So, here is the song by Jamie Grace.  It took on a new meaning to me today.