Am I Acting in my Strength, or Am I Acting in my Weakness?

Too much.  Over the top.  I did it again!!

I come to the end of way too many days thinking I ate too much, thinking I spent too much money, second-guessing myself and my decisions that I made throughout the day, and feeling like I’ve failed to depend on God again.

Why is it so hard to break this cycle I often find myself in?  How can I repeatedly begin each day with the best of intentions and come to the end feeling like I failed again, and then do it all over the next day too?

Well, maybe it is because I have been acting in my weakness instead of my strength!  My weaknesses….there they are….right in front of me each and every day….stopping me from the things I want most to conquer and accomplish.  My flesh rises up and too often I let it rule and reign.  My flesh is weak, very, very weak!

So, why don’t I act in my strength instead?    2 Samuel 22:33 states, “It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.”

In those moments when the familiar wants to take over in my eating, my spending, my self-talk, I need to turn to the One who lives inside me and ask Him to take over and help me act in my strength instead of my weakness, for in Him I am strong!

He promises in 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Wow!  When I am tempted to act in my weakness, that is when His power, His strength, His might is made perfect!!

Lord, help me depend on you to be my strength so that I can act in that strength instead of in weakness!!  In Jesus’ name, Amen!

I love you, O Lord, my strength.  Psalm 18:1

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