It’s September!!!

Wow, the summer is slipping away and Autumn will soon be setting in.  Personally, I just love summer and I never like to see it go.  I love wearing sleeveless tops and sandals.  I love the summer breeze, and I love the water, at the beach or on the boat.

One thing good about September though is that it is the start of lots of activities that gear up this time of year and continue through until Christmas.  Oh, don’t we all love Christmas??  I know, not yet, not yet!!  Summer is still here for a little while longer.

Really though, this time of year just seems to bring some order into what sometimes has been a crazy, chaotic summer.  You know, those lazy, hazy days of just kicking back and doing the fun stuff, the outdoor stuff, the beach stuff, vacations and the like.

I am personally getting ready to begin two bible studies, one with Proverbs 31 Ministries and one face-to-face bible study in my local area.  Both have tremendous value to me, and I so look forward to each one and the rich study they will bring to my life and my walk with God.  I am also looking forward to the Beyond Women’s Conference in October!

How about you?  Will you be finding yourself digging into God’s word this Autumn?  I hope so!  God’s word is rich with truth, wisdom, insight, grace and love, love, and more love!  Go ahead, dig in!  He is ready and waiting to meet you between the pages!


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